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För en miljövänligare värld

Om Duniani

Duniani is a single company and a non-profit association Dunianiforhope who collaborates with Schoolforhope. We run an environmental project in Tanzania Dar es salaame and was founded in 2014. The vision is to increase environmental awareness in Sweden and in Tanzania. Duniani sells environmental bags that are reusable and more environmentally friendly than regular plastic bags. The aim is also to be able to sell innovative and environmentally friendly products. At each sale, the money should contribute to environmental projects in Tanzania.

There, Duniani will build a structured recycling station, increase environmental awareness, learn the knowledge within sorting and recycling at companies and in private homes.

Duniani's most important goal is to influence the world, our priority list is:

  1. Increase awareness of the environment and climate impact.

  2. Reduce poverty..

  3. Increase gender equality.

  4. All children should have the right to attend school.

  5. Work for human rights.

Om Duniani

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Om projektet

The environmental project in Tanzania.

1. Organize workshops and inform about the benefits of sorting and recycling materials. 
2. Purchase land 
3. Build up a structured recycling 
4. Buy equipment and pay salaries to the employees. 
5. Build a combustion plant for combustible. Electricity goes to villages that do not have access to electricity today.

Duniani is proud to announce a partnership with Mazingira plus. The collaboration means that Duniani wants to be involved and support mazingira Plus for their important work. Duniani hereby starts a fundraiser for a Zero waste schools' program in Dar es salaam public schools.

Waste management in Tanzania is still far from perfect. Less than 50% of waste is collected and transported to official dumping sites. The rest are dumped into illegal sites, rivers and wetlands or burned in open areas leading to environmental pollution.  Dar es Salaam Public Schools (Primary and secondary) have poor waste management systems that only imply burring of waste in pits or burning. There is no proper mechanism for students to learn how they can segregate waste in schools and learn waste management best practices, circular economy and zero waste models. This problem is caused by the behavior of waste mismanagement where children inherit from one generation to another. To achieve a sustainable waste management, we must start with the young generation.

The Zero Waste Schools program involves building recycling facilities at the Public Schools, where students can sort out different materials such as plastic, organic, and residual waste and convert it into reusable resources through recycling, reuse, and composting practices. The program increases environmental awareness, changes behaviors, and intends to enhance better waste management systems.

Mazingira Plus has already managed to build up a Zero Waste School Program as pilot project at Kibasila High School. In the new recycling facility, 1400 pupils can now sort out different materials such as plastic, organic and residuals. Mazingira Plus is now seeking more partners and scale up and duplicate the idea to other 5 schools for the year 2024 to 2025.

“Education is the key to prosperity; it opens up a world of opportunities that enable each and every one of us to contribute to a sustainable society."

 If you want to help the Zero Waste School program to educate and build more recycling facilities, we are grateful for your contribution to the funding.

Please read about the Zero waste school program



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Kontakta oss

More then just a bag

A project that extends beyond a purchase.

The idea came as a flash from a clear sky. I would develop a practical, reusable and environmentally friendly box. The money would go to an environmental project in Tanzania where I had previously discovered the problem of littering plastic bags. Then I found the perfect environmental box. Non-woven. Convenient, stylish and reusable! It was perfect for increasing environmental awareness and contributing to the environmental project in Tanzania.

Tack! Meddelande skickat.

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